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Degradable plastics can be used in which fields

Compared with photodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics have long become a hot spot in the development of degradable plastics. Because biodegradable plastics have less stringent requirements for the natural environment, and it is easier to completely degrade small molecules under suitable conditions. It has the advantages of small quality, easy production and processing, high strength and low price. The application of biodegradable plastics is mainly concentrated in the following industries:

(1) Packaging products;


(2) Agricultural mulch;


(3) Daily sundries;


(4) Disposable medical materials;


(5) Synthetic bone, artificial skin, surgical bone nail, surgical suture;


(6) Textile chemical fiber;


(7) Yellow sand control and urban planning and construction;


When biodegradable plastics are used in biodegradable polymer materials for bioengineering and medical equipment, their biodegradable characteristics are unmatched by photodegradable plastics. The degraded low-molecular structure chemical substances can directly enter the metabolism of organisms, and the There are broad application prospects in cultivation, controlled release drugs, and implanted materials in vivo.


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