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Biodegradable bags must meet standards

Standard 1: GB21660-2008 General technical requirements for environmental protection and labeling of plastic shopping bags.


1. The thickness should not be less than 0.025 mm;


2. There should be an environmental declaration. For example, plastic bags will have environmental degradation standards;


3. Clearly indicate the product name, standard number, specification and nominal carrying capacity of the plastic bag;


Standard 2: GB/T21661-2008 plastic shopping bag;


Standard 3: GB/T21662-2008 rapid detection method and evaluation of plastic shopping bags;


Through sampling experiments, sensory, marking, load-bearing experiments, etc. the environmental protection plastic bags are tested and evaluated. If one of the four items fails, the test cannot be passed. Environmental protection and complete degradation are the characteristics of the product. The products rely on the degradable plastic technology independently developed by the company. Using polyacid/PBAT as the base material and adopting the production process of chemical graft modification, the product can be degraded into water, carbon dioxide and soil humus by light/thermal oxidation and environmental microorganisms within 1-2 years, and return to the natural circle for complete degradation .


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